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[Mr Foam]

This amazing super foamy detailing shampoo turns your weekly wash into a foam party! It has a gentle pH balanced highly foaming formulation that is surface safe so it can clean any area of your vehicle from paintwork to wheels. This high-tech detailing shampoo will leave no residue even in direct sunlight provided you rinse well. Our Chemists have developed Mr Foam using premium super polymers to suspend dirt, dust and debris by surrounding the particles allowing them to be suspended within the bubbles and then rinse and clean effortlessly away. Mr Foam's unique formula is extra slick allowing your wash mitt to glide easily over the surface of the vehicle being tough on dirt but gentle on the vehicles coat of wax or sealant.

[Cherry Bomb Shampoo]

Cherry Bomb is a pH balanced super high foaming shampoo with a rich cherry scent. It produces a rich, durable foam that lifts and holds dirt in suspension. This product is safe to use on exterior paint, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl. 

[Wash & Wax]

Wash & Wax is a pH neutral superior vehicle shampoo that has excellent deep cleaning action and high foaming properties. It will leave a high wax, high gloss finish on paintwork, giving protection against the elements. This is ideal for one-step car preparation. It produces a rich, thick durable foam that lifts and holds dirt in suspension. This product is safe to use on exterior paint, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic and vinyl. 

[Hi Foam Traffic Film Remover]
Hi Foam TFR is a high performance traffic film remover designed to give you the " Touch-less " cleaning performance through all types of foaming equipment. This contains a mix of carefully selected surfactant's and active ingredients to optmise cleaning power and produce a superior foam to dwell on the surface.

[Super Strength Traffic Film Remover]

This product is ideal for cleaning all vehicle exteriors, alloy wheels, engine bays and is an excellent de-greaser! This is a highly concentrated, alkaline detergent! Super Strength TFR works brilliantly on: Cars, Buses, Boats, Motorbikes, Trucks, Aircraft, Engine Cleaner, Plant Machinery, Decking and Patios! This is a very powerful, economical, biodegradable and user friendly TFR.

[Alloy Wheel Cleaner]

Alloy Wheel Cleaner is an acid free highly active, heavy duty alkaline cleaner. This product instantly removes brake dust and grime from wheels.To use, spray on using a chemical resistant spray bottle. Leave to soak for up to 1 minute. Agitate with soft brush if required. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. This product is safe on painted and powder coated wheels. 
Do Not Use On Polished or Anodized Wheels. (Including Alcoa Dura-Brites)

[Super Cold Wax]

This is a concentrated aqua wax that will leave your paintwork with an added layer of protection after washing and leave a glossy streak free finish. It contains a unique blend of dirt repellent ingredients to inhibit soiling.

[Super Vision Glass Cleaner]

High performance alcohol based spray-able glass cleaner designed to remove road grime, insects, tobacco, stubborn grime and dirt from all types of glass inside and out. Fast and effective way to clean all types of glass. Safe on plastic and rubbers

[Bio Blue]

Bio Blue is a highly concentrated deep cleaning and reconditioning carpet cleaner! This product will kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs and mite allergens while providing a pleasant, sweet smelling fragrance! This is also a Bio-enzymatic carpet and upholstery cleaner that cleans, eliminates odours and deodorizes in one step!

[GPXT - Multipurpose Cleaner]

GPXT is a highly concentrated deep cleaning upholstery, carpet and multi-purpose cleaner all in one! This product is the "go-2-products" for all those ground in stains and spillages that no other upholstery cleaner will remove. This can be used on carpets,seats,upholstery,headlining's, door cards, dashboards, engine bays and a whole lot more.

[Windscreen Wash]

Multi-Purpose Highly Concentrate Screen Wash for use in all types of vehicle windscreen wash systems. This methanol based screen wash will remove insect debris, road traffic grime and dirt without smearing the windscreen. Suitable for all year round.

*only one packet per purchase

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3 DRUMS FOR €123

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